26-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
The pavers are eight sided with tab on one side. See photo. They are in place, you will need a shovel to get a few popped up but then should have no problem getting them out since they are held in place with sand. Must take all.
25-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Black, waterproof cover with velcro closure and sewn in book mark.
25-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Write on tab dividers. 5 pack with big tabs, 8 pack, and partially used 8 pack.
25-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Bearded iris (old fashioned, smaller blooms. Violet/brown--very unusual color) Black eyed Susans Solomon seal, variegated Liriope Bring a container and I'll provide the shovel! (I can dig for anyone with mobility issues)
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
All items on the curb.
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
I have one wood pallet on my driveway leftover from a mulch delivery. I know that sometimes people can use these for crafts/projects.
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Twin mattress set - includes frame and box springs. Old stearns and foster. Let me know if interested. No bugs.
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
I have a wood desk hutch that I do not need anymore and it measures 68x42x14 at the top and 64' across at the bottom of the unit. It is in great shape. I would like to get rid of it today or tomorrow if possible. I live in Mt Lookout
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
clean quite a few. 18 and 12 capacity
24-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Lots of clean egg cartons
23-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
I have two brown, leather reclining chairs. They are 20 years old, well worn, but still work. They are still comfortable. We recently replaced the springs so they can be reclined or sit up straight.
22-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Variegated hosta (bucket not included)
22-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
We have about 3 dozen medium-large rocks, suitable for landscape borders, etc. Would love to give them to someone who can use them; will happily supply pictures if needed.
22-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Offering several sheets of large bubble wrap 2X2 and 2X4 ft squares. Great for protecting valuables when moving.
21-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
https://www.chewy.com/mypet-petyard-passage-dogs-cats/dp/111276 brand new. bought for guinea pig, but she didn't like the outdoors. light weight, folds for easy carrying. has locking pet passage. panels can be removed for resizing of adding another enclosure. sells for$80
21-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
twin matters set including frame. probably at least 30 years old but NO BUGS
20-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Excellent condition
20-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
There are four pine pallets -- maybe 4 ft x 4 ft -- with a "free" sign on them on Shadow Ridge Dr. in Loveland, OH (just off of Columbia Rd). I think trash pick-up is Wed AM... so first come, first served (I'll try and swing by and if I see them taken, I'll remove the posting).
19-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
Music instruction books that we had to get when my kids were at the intermediate school. Includes trumpet, percussion/drums, and violin. Take any or all. Trumpet standard of excellence: sounds of the season standard of excellence: festival solos essential elements 2000 books 1 & 2 Violin Essential elements 2000 book 1 Percussion Standard of excellence book 1 measures of success book 1
19-May-2018Cincinnati, OH(15 miles)Free Stuff
I did a makeover on my chandelier and no longer need these. Maybe somebody needs some replacement ones?
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